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Business Process Support Services Open a Relationship, Make a Partnership

Damco's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services help global corporations improve service levels, reduce costs, enhance process efficiencies and gain access to our best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills. Damco provides innovative, efficient, and scalable BPO solutions and better ways to manage important, non-core business processes, including finance and accounting, human resources, charity services, forms processing - just to name a few.

We assist our clients with strategic planning to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved through Business Outsourcing. We don't just manage our client processes but work with them towards re-engineering and refining projects to significantly improve speed, accuracy, and productivity. We aim at reducing cost, increasing service levels and thus, improving the enterprise value of the business processes.

With global offices and delivery centers, we provide the right mix of business process improvement, labor arbitrage and technology enhancements.

Virtual Staffing

Your assistant at our office is what describes our Virtual Assistant Service in the best way.

A Virtual assistant will help you with all the work that an assistant in your office will carry out, at almost half the price. Virtual assistants help you, not just with routine work like email drafting, making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, but also with research, data entry, some designing work and much more. VA will work at your preferred time and you can use the services for a number of hours depending on your requirement and pay for just those hours.

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HR Support Services

Damco HR Outsourcing Services helps businesses gain efficiency by effectively carrying out HR functions such as Resume Formatting, Job Posting, Job Mining and Form Filling.

Business into placement or job boards/portals need an easily accessible database of resumes and comprehensive list of job vacancies. Damco with its vast experience of working with various customers, fulfill all these functions and helps them make quicker decisions in recruiting and placing right candidates.

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Charity Support Services

With years of experience of working with Non-profit organizations and delivering more than 50 Projects successfully for Non-Profit Organizations, our experts have an excellent understanding of all the processes involved in fund raising. We have helped charity organizations with application development and maintenance. Besides, we have successfully provided BI solutions and Help Desk Services for the smooth functioning of their day-to-day operations.

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Sales Support Services

Are you facing a challenge where your key sales people are spending most of their time in building database, extracting information, working on operational and administrative tasks than actually spending time in dealing with the client? Do you want that sales pipeline to keep flowing?

We at Damco have an answer to your problems. We have an experienced team of researchers and pre-sales professionals, who are qualified to know which database will get qualified leads for each specific industry. We strengthen your sales funnel and assist sales professionals by finding the right company, right contact, setting up of appointments and account profiling.

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