HR Support Services

Damco HR Outsourcing Services helps businesses gain efficiency by effectively carrying out HR functions such as Resume Formatting, Job Posting, Job Mining and Form Filling.

Business into placement or job boards/portals need an easily accessible database of resumes and comprehensive list of job vacancies. Damco with its vast experience of working with various customers, fulfill all these functions and helps them make quicker decisions in recruiting and placing right candidates.

Some of our service offerings for HR Firms are as follows:

  • Resume Formatting: Our professionals format resumes as per the guidelines provided by you in the most efficient manner. We meet strict deadlines and turnaround time that the industry demands.
  • Job Mining: Building a database for job vacancies for job boards or recruitment companies, requires a comprehensive understanding and experience in sorting out the right information. At Damco, with the experience in the domain we provide right output that will ease the decision making through efficient job mining.
  • Job Posting: Our experts have the capability to post jobs across various sites, job boards to give maximum visibility to your requirements. We post jobs with speed and flexibility through our dedicated team.
  • Form Filing: We offer form filling service in required format across various job vacancies sites or internal database and CRM. This provides you with effective operational process through streamlined information flow.