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We deliver business and technology solutions for automotive leaders with an immense focus on key issues across the automotive value chain from suppliers to consumers to technology providers. Our services help you improve business efficiency and profitability, accelerate time to market, innovate and collaborate with partners, suppliers or dealers, new market penetration, build cost effective products, streamline and optimize supply chain, and improvise brand image and sales process to build customer loyalty.

We have worked with our customers across various application areas including:

  • Dealer Management and Rating Systems
  • Warranty Management Systems
  • Service Parts Network Planning
  • Dealer Credit Checks and Limits
  • Dealer Search Mobile Applications
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing, Sales, and After Sales Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance Services Management
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Survey Applications
  • Roadside Assistance Services
  • Globally Distributed Order Management
  • Warehouse and Logistics Management
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Support and Security
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Real-time Integrations and Manufacturing

Our Success Stories

A few of our contributions were for leading global automotive manufacturers and OEMs. Their dealers, fleet management organizations, and automotive ISVs engaged Damco for various technology solutions for their distinct needs:

  • Customized development of a fully web-based business planning and composite reporting system for leading automotive giant in the areas of Inter-Firm Comparison (IFC)/composite services, composite data interrogation, budgeting, measuring and monitoring satisfaction levels across a spectrum of touch-points.
  • Cloud-based Product Development of an automated solution that measures and records the tyre pressures of any moving vehicle, and monitors the installed road side systems for timely maintenance and analysis of captured data for tyre usage condition during tyre life cycle.
  • Customized Development of a Warranty Management System – a solution for automobile dealers and fleet management companies.
  • Product development services for developing a comprehensive cloud-based automated solution for Car Service management at Dealerships, which can also track the progress of vehicle servicing using mobile application.
  • Development of a fully web-based comprehensive dealer credit check system for global automotive manufacturer.
  • Mobile BI application development for automotive retail giant to enable car manufacturers and dealerships to understand their business process and functionalities, and find answers to complex questions, identify areas of opportunity or concern, and make confident decisions.