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Our technology transformation is inclined towards Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud solutions (SMAC) to made a revolutionary impact on software delivery by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). We support ISVs to face challenges in differentiating them from their competitors, scaling the product and business across markets, gaining new customers, and retaining existing customers to generate their revenues.

We work closely with our customers to engineer futuristic products using latest technologies across multiple lines of business. We, at Damco, understand the need for the technology transformations and help companies developing across the following areas:

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Engineering & Maintenance
  • Product Globalization
  • Application Development and Management
  • Application Integration
  • Portal Services
  • Big Data Consulting and Implementation Services
  • Cloud Enablement and Deployment Services
  • Mobility Services including Mobile Apps Development
  • Remote Infrastructure Management Services
  • Production Support
  • BPO Services including Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Our Success Stories

Below are some success stories from Damco’s portfolio, where ISVs engaged Damco for various solutions and services for their distinct needs:

  • The IBM legacy application was extended into a complete web-based application. Integration with third-party applications like Quick Quote and PC Raters along with Handling of high number of users at any point of time with very high volume of transactions and also integration with Guidewire’s Claim Center.
  • Developed a Premium Finance (PFC) Application with integration of Policy administration of various Insurance carriers, business logic implementation for calculation of down payment and monthly Installments for a generated premium, PFC contracts and coupons generation at Point of Sale through integrated insurance website, generation of scheduled reminder notices for the payment due, comprehensive module for commission plans to be pre-configuration into the application, Report Management System and Document Management System.
  • Operational efficiency being its key goals, a leading provider of Computer Aided Facilities Management solution provider partnered with Damco to develop commercial software product on Platform as a Service (PaaS). Damco developed a new platform to enable the rapid creation of new applications that can be seamlessly delivered through the Web and Mobile technologies. The solution delivered helped client to reduce cost, eliminate manual intervention, and gain enhanced visibility of the product.
  • Development of Kiosk application for a wayfinding solution with complex calculations to get the shortest path with customized business logics in minimum time, image mappings for maps and initial data feeding for new client needs user-friendly, easy and flexible system, using multi-language text for directions and info along with publishing alerts for emergencies on kiosks.
  • A SaaS-based healthcare product developed for wellness industry for employers of all sizes with the products and related updates needed to be in market in short time span meeting high-quality standards.