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Social Computing Understand, Engage, Influence Customer Requirements and Preferences

Whether it's about driving collaboration and social interaction across geographic and organizational boundaries or capturing the prudence of masses by gathering social feedback or typical knowledge management solutions, Social Computing add significant value to your enterprise. Damco leverages Enterprise 2.0 technologies to drive the powerful and transforming capabilities of Social Computing for its customers.

Since all enterprises are different in functions and objectives, we utilize various uses of enterprise 2.0 technologies to drive social computing. Our offerings include:

  • Design and development of Discussion Forums, Intranets, and Personal Sites
  • Consumer community sites and business directory services
  • Collaborative authoring and knowledge capturing tools like wikis
  • Enterprise blogging tools and platforms with features like company newsfeed
  • Integration of verbal and written communication benefits via enterprise specific Real-time communication and messaging applications
  • Mashup solutions enabling business users to combine data from multiple sources (external and internal) with interaction and visualization capabilities