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Financial Services

Our financial services are providing a progressive operating model to various financial institutions for gaining continuous customer engagement, addressing stringent governing and compliance norms, increasingly commoditized nature of finance products and services covering custom solutions for retail banking, consumer finance, investments, corporate financing, and commercial banking.

With a wealth of over two decades of experience in offering innovative and end-to-end solutions for the banking and financial institutions, we provide better products, services, and a superior customer experience to ensure transparency, quality, and cost effectiveness.

Our wide variety of solutions help improve their information systems and extend their enterprises to capture new insights with solutions like:

  • Loan Management and Loan Approval Workflows
  • Credit Check Applications
  • Financial Product Management Applications
  • Premium Finance Applications
  • Collections Platforms and Applications
  • Mortgage Calculators and Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management
  • Electronic Cards and Payment Solutions
  • Management Information Systems
  • Risk, Regulation and Compliance Applications
  • Digital and Mobile Financial Services
  • Customer Communications Management
  • Customer Feedback Applications
  • Data Porting, Migration and Mining

Our Success Stories

Some of our success stories were for global leaders in accounting and payment processing services, financial services and premium finance organizations, and loan management organizations. They engaged with Damco for various technology solutions for their distinct needs:

  • Development of a comprehensive Global Collection Platform that drives efficiencies, whilst optimizing DSO and reducing bad debt for multi-nationals, and provides advanced analytics and reporting based on live and historical data.
  • Development of a customized Premium Finance Application for calculation of down payment and monthly installments for generated premium as well generation of contracts and coupons at Point of Sale through integrated insurance website.
  • Development of a highly configurable and scalable Loans Management Application to streamline and expand the operations of a financial company providing short term payday loans to its customers.
  • Migration to a complex Financial Services Portal to AWS keeping the business logic intact on a legacy platform.
  • Development of a centralized online/offline tracking database and management solution designed to enhance the efficiency of property default, foreclosure, conveyance and disposition process.
  • Development of a mobile banking application that optimizes the current banking website for mobile devices and offers easier navigation and a streamlined display.
  • Development of a Regulatory and SOX Compliance Application to streamline SOX testing process in an easy and structured manner for a major Data Center Provider.