Delivering Success with Salesforce

Business has never faced the type of challenges that it faces in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape. Now, businesses have to adapt to new marketing channels (web or social), decide on how to utilize new technologies, and compete in an extremely competitive market place.

Salesforce helps in generating leads, increases customer retention, and streamline business processes. It is a dedicated practice with an aim of delivering solutions that increase corporate profitability and diversify the technology offerings. Salesforce comprises of all the necessary tools, technologies, processes, human resources and locations, to best address the overall business needs with highest quality standards and cost effectiveness.

The Challenges

How can Damco Help?

Damco’s Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE) offer end-to-end implementation and support services that can be customized according to specific needs and budget, where services are delivered by certified team of CRM and cloud experts having proficiency with Salesforce platforms and APIs. Damco have a well-established team of certified Consultants, Developers and Administrators across major geographies and product lines for SFDC covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and platform, and its solution deployment expertise and CRM competency help provide customized solutions using, enabling higher ROIs for customers. We have an ability to build Custom Applications that could solve lots of internal application and automation issues to bring the entire organization on a single platform. With proven processes and framework for knowledge management, optimized methodologies and artifacts for accelerated execution, we’re recognized as one of industry’s most dependable Salesforce partners.

A Quick Look at Damco’s Salesforce Apps

Optima Pro

Damco understands your changing needs and the urgency to perform and we are proud to introduce a very powerful product from our Salesforce Practice – Optima Pro. This can be your one-stop field service software solution to manage warranties, contracts, field service scheduling, spare parts inventory and the service organization while delighting the customers and driving business results. This product has been designed with great consideration and keeping the industry standards in mind. It is a comprehensive product but is also kept flexible enough to be exclusively customized to suit your business needs.

Damco’s strong industry experience and Salesforce platform with its superior mobility and availability makes Optima Pro an ideal partner for your business growth. No matter what challenge you have there is always a solution and we at Damco are constantly reinventing ourselves to bring the right solution to you. We don’t commit that Standard Optima Pro can match your business processes and requirements fully, but what we commit is that we can customize Optima Pro further for you to make it a perfect fit for your business.

TimeSlate Pro

If you are having a hard time keeping track of your Salesforce Events and Tasks, and you feel the need for a calendar that tells you what work schedule your team members are following. Try TimeSlate Pro, an easy-to-use, drag & drop Calendar which enables you to create calendar using data from any Salesforce object, standard as well as custom. It is feature rich, flexible and optimized for mobile devices/Salesforce1.


Generally, when the business team asks you to automate copying of fields from one object to another to save time, you start writing code and you write more code when new objects are introduced to the schema or if a new field is needed to be copied. Making so many code changes and following the deployment cycles for each code change can be frustrating for the administrator.

To make it easy for you, Damco has introduced a Salesforce App called PostObject Pro. This app empowers users to create a new object record from the source object and automatically copies all the values from the source object to target object as per specified mapping without need for custom code or automation from Administrators. Meaning, you don’t have to write a single line of code ever again to copy fields from one object to another. Any new objects and fields added to the schema can be accommodated with minor configurations instead of long deployment cycles.


If you are tired of wrong and incomplete addresses in your Salesforce CRM and support system, and typos and spelling mistakes are taking a toll on your delivery schedules? Try Address Finder, a one stop solution for all address management woes in your Salesforce org. Damco’s Salesforce app AddressFinder helps you find, record and validate the addresses of your accounts, contacts or any other standard or custom objects easily.

If you have any queries regarding Damco’s Salesforce App, reach out to us at for further enquiries.

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