Image Clipping

Are you struggling to get the background of the image edited or removed and still don’t want to give it a look of a fake image? At Damco, we provide an advanced level of clipping and cropping services for any image, using the vector-marking technique, which gives the edited image an original look. Our team has vast experience with image clipping and cropping, background removal and image masking.

We undertake the following to enhance the image quality:

  • Adding or removing shadows
  • Resizing Image for different type of views
  • Adding or removing borders
  • Adding or Removing Background
  • Correcting Background
  • Adding or removing watermarks
  • Image Masking

Image Clipping and Masking, Background removal requires high skill level to ensure that Output Image doesn’t look forged. Given the fact that size of an image can create problems in transfer and yet security, Damco provides its customer with secure FTP for secure and quick file transfer. Our QA team performs checks at every step to ensure that final output meets your standards.