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Data Cleansing and Formatting

Damco help its clients by providing clean, consistent and up-to-date data. We deliver customized data cleansing and formatting services at cost-effective rates. Our team of highly skilled resources ensures accuracy in the various techniques they implement. Every record is checked manually, cleaned and updated at systematic intervals.

Data Cleansing Services ascertain that Color, Size, Font, Text Cases – Lower, Upper, Title, Caption, Field Length, Titles, Data Filtering, Pivot Tables, Subtotals, Graphs, Ascending or Descending Sorting Order, Abbreviations, Total, Phone Number Formatting, Subtotals, Postal Addresses, Zip Codes are as per the guidelines of our clients.

Data Formatting Services help our clients in formatting specified sets of information, or converting them from one form to another. It requires application of necessary formatting techniques, wherein our professionals hold finesse, and with their proven excellence, we ensure that you get the desired outputs. The formats in which we provide data are hard copies (CDs/DVDs, Database extracts (texts), excel sheets, MS office, PDF documents, emails, HTML etc.

Our Data Cleansing and Formatting Services include:

  • Auditing Data Integrity: To ensure content hygiene, we conduct constant checks for the data formatted as well as the information present in our databases.
  • Address Correction: To ascertain that addresses and other contact information of your company is updated for your contacts.
  • Standardize Database: To ensure uniformity regarding typos, spelling errors, missing information such as postal codes, dialing codes and e-mail ids are properly filled. We also check for duplicate records and format all of it per your business requirements.